Imported Frozen Semen (IFS) Purchase Terms 2021

Paperbark Lodge must receive full payment (or agreed deposit) to secure your IFS order.

Terms and Conditions:

  •  Acknowledgement of this document and / or payment for semen forms a binding contract between the purchaser and Paperbark Lodge.

  • All semen must be paid for in full prior to dispatch.

  • All sales are final upon dispatch and delivery.

  • The purchaser should confirm with Paperbark Lodge the prices, terms and availability of stallions and semen prior to purchase as all prices, terms and availability of stallions is subject to change at any time.

  • Paperbark Lodge and it's employers and / or volunteers act as an agent to supply equine frozen semen. Paperbark Lodge makes no claims as to the availability, fertility, viability, or freedom of disease of semen.

  • Paperbark Lodge does not offer a breeding contract or live foal guarantee on imported frozen semen.

  • Paperbark Lodge maintains the the right to refuse service, without reason.

  • All veterinary charges relating to the mare and breeding of the mare/s are the responsibility of the purchaser.

  • Ownership of the semen is not transferable unless authorised in writing by Paperbark Lodge.

  • Paperbark Lodge gives no guarantee of pregnancy.

  • Paperbark Lodge, as approved agents for the semen, will act to resolve fairly any disputes in regards to semen quality, however final liability is the responsibility of the semen owner and beyond our control.

  • Paperbark Lodge is responsible for the semen and it's storage until it leaves our storage facility.  At this point, the purchaser assumes ownership and is responsible for the semen whilst in transit to your chosen breeding facility or veterinarian and during the breeding process.

  • The cost of semen does not include insurance on shipping, etc.

  • The cost of semen does not include storage or handling costs that may arise.

  • Paperbark Lodge does not provide a money back guarantee.

  • In the unlikely event that Paperbark Lodge cancel an order, the purchaser will be refunded the full amount paid for semen.

  • If the purchaser decides to "split" a dose of semen and multiple pregnancies are obtained, the purchaser may be charged an additional semen fee.  This is dependent on the individual stallion owners / stud and can vary from stallion to stallion / stud to stud.  Please contact us to see that which applies.

  • Paperbark Lodge will provide ONE Service Certificate once a completed Artificial Insemination Form is received by the Seller. The semen must be used in accordance with our purchase terms.

  • Additional Service Certificates will incur an additional charge of $20.00 per certificate.



  • If semen is stored at Genemovers in Victoria, the customer must arrange all freight quotes and arrangements directly with Genemovers.

  • If semen is stored at Farmwest in WA we can provide a quote for the freight of your semen order. 

  • We can arrange for you to collect directly from our storage facility, with  reasonable prior notice. (Farmwest WA facility only)

  • In some (WA) cases, we are happy to deliver your order.  Please contact us to see if you qualify.

Our semen is stored with:

Genemovers, 8 Station Street, Maddingly, VIC 3340

Farmwest, 28 Clifford Street, Davenport, WA 6230

* Please note that no semen will be released from our storage facility without prior written notice from Paperbark Lodge.

Advance Purchases / Pending Tank Arrivals (OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2021)

  • The semen must be paid in full or the appropriate deposit agreed upon in order to secure your order.

  • Semen will arrive into Australia and once it has cleared customs will be stored at Genemovers, Victoria.

  • Paperbark Lodge will not charge storage fees on your order until such time as it is released to the customer, at which time the customer should arrange for the shipping and / or storage of their order with Genemovers and their chosen breeding facility. Please note all handling fees, shipping etc. at this point are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Whilst we are happy to store your semen order for the 2021/2022 breeding season at no charge, please note that beyond this you will need to arrange and are responsible for your own storage arrangements with Genemovers or your chosen storage facility.


Payment Details:

  1.  Payment via secure gateway on our website OR

  2. Direct deposit to: Paperbark Lodge BSB 086565 Account Number 558949848 Please email your payment receipt to

Return & Exchange Policy

Paperbark Lodge has a strict no return and no refund policy on all our IFS once it has been prepared for shipping / been shipped.

If you wish to exchange your order, in some circumstances, we will happily consider an exchange on semen, providing the semen you ordered has not been dispatched and the semen you would like is available.  The purchaser will be responsible for any additional costs, including handling fees, or any semen stock price differences, should this be relevant.  We can not guarantee an advertised stocked item is always available for exchange.