What's in a Stud Name?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

For us, just like naming our foals, naming our new stud meant more than being open for business!

Our stud name had to be more than just something that our business would be known by . More than just a business that has warmblood horses for sale in Australia. It had to encompass our location, reflect our passion and stand for that which we wish to represent.

“ With all that the paperbark tree represents in regards to females and new life, it felt like the perfect stud name to attribute to the place where we house our beautiful mares and their foals. ”

Our stud, by way of its original natural environment, boasts a number of very old paperbark trees, including two beautiful thick groves on the property. These groves not only provide a beautiful outlook, but they are wonderful natural environments providing shade and shelter for native plants and wildlife.

The Symbolism of Paperbark Trees

Paperbark trees are native to Australia and they are particularly important in ancient Aboriginal culture. They were considered a "woman's business" plant and associated with the female form. A much loved and respected resource, it was used both during and after childbirth. The bark is soft and woman would give birth with the baby being born on a sheets of the bark and it was used to swaddle and wrap babies. Bowls were also made from the bark to lay their baby in. The bark was also used in smoking ceremonies to welcome a new baby.

These amazing trees also represent protection, safety and security. An environment that we wish to apply to our business of breeding and raising our horses in.

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