AABT National Tour 2020

Updated: May 29, 2020

We were so pleased to welcome Tanya Hosford, from the Australian All Breeds Tour and International Breed Judge, Frank WeiBkirchen to our stud in March. To have access to a judge of this calibre for stud tours is invaluable to studs in Australia!

Frank's expertise is so in depth and he is so generous with the way he assists us to make improvements to the breeding of warmbloods here in Australia. To have this opportunity to chat and tap in to all of Frank's knowledge is so powerful to anyone who is wanting to learn more, or to better what they are doing within the industry. Frank shared his insightful knowledge on what is on trend in the breeding industry, warmblood horses for sale and even advice on what stallions to consider adding to our program for our imported frozen semen business.

We presented three of our broodmares and two of foals for assessment by Frank on the AABT National tour and for classification for the German Westphalian Verband. Frank was impressed with the quality of both our foals and mares. Both foals were awarded an Elite sash and all 3 mares received Silver.

“ You have bred some of the best foals I have seen since coming to Australia. You couldn't get a better start to your breeding program .” - Frank WeiBkerchen

Our Foals Receive 1st & 2nd Place

We are so proud of the results we received for our two foals. Our filly Saffron PL by Secret (IFS) scored a massive 88% for her movement, with a 8.5 for walk, a 9.0 for trot and a 9.5 for canter with the comment "exceptional movement" from Frank. She received 81% for her conformation with a 9 for her head and an overall 8 for her type. Her combined overall score was 84.5%, winning the Open Horse Halter on the AABT 2020 National Tour.

Our colt, Quantreau PL, by Quando Quando (IMP), scored 85.5% for his beautiful movement, with an 8.5 for walk, a 10 for trot and 8.5 for canter, with an 8.5 for overall appearance. He was awarded 79% for his conformation with an 8 for overall type. Frank recommended this colt as a stallion prospect. His combined overall score was 82.25%, just behind our filly, for a second place in the Open Horse Halter on the national tour!

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