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Imported Mares For Our Stud

At Paperbark Lodge we feel like all our Christmases have come at once! We have been working hard with our contacts in Europe to source prime warmblood mares with outstanding pedigrees to add to our breeding program here in Australia. These outstanding mares will include pedigree greats such as Jazz, Krack C, Totilas, Sandro Hit, Donnerhall, Weltmeyer, Wolkenstein 11, Nabab de Reve, Landgraf and Contender to name a few.  Dressage pedigrees that make our eyes water with excitement!  And you will notice some world champion Olympic jumping sensations too!  All a very deliberate move with the goal to add strength and power to their future progeny. TALATINA PL Talisman (Totilas x Sandro Hit x Donnerhall) x Welser (Wolkenstein 2) x Consul 4 year old prime Hanoverian warmblood mare by Talisman, son of Totilas, her pedigree needs little introduction. She boasts Gribaldi and Sandro Hit with her father's pedigree and Welser, Wolkenstein 2 and Weltmeyer from her mother's genes, this filly is from dressage royalty! Talatina will be both a stud mare for us via ET and we plan for  her to start her competition career as a five year old. MIPORA PL Wynton (Jazz x Matador 11 x Rubenstein 1) x Tolando (Krack C x Flemmingh) x Houston 3 year old prime KWPN warmblood filly by the Jazz son Wynton and Krack C by Flemmingh on the dam's father side and Houston on the mother side. Generations of proven success on both sides, with multiple licensed stallions coming from her direct lineage. A modern and elegant filly that has dressage blood for generations. Mipora will be put in foal with imported frozen semen before she begins her competition career and continues our breeding program via ET. NANTHESSE x Nabab de Reve x Contender x Landgraf x Sacremento Song xx Holst Line 741 7 year old Holsteiner prime mare by Nabab de Reve in foal to young dressage stallion superstar, Valverde (Vitalis x Ampere) who was winner of the Bundeschampionate 5 year old dressage final in 2019. Her sire has jumped at the highest level on the international circuit and is one of the best stallions of European breeding history due to his impressive production of high level sport winners and approved stallions: Glocks London, Vigo d’Arsouilles, Kashmir Van’t Schuttershof, Walnut de Muze, Candy, Equador Vh Roosaker. She was bred by Andrea prior to moving to Australia and has been at our partner stud in Germany. She has had two foals, one being sold internationally.

AABT National Tour 2020

We were so pleased to welcome Tanya Hosford, from the Australian All Breeds Tour and International Breed Judge, Frank WeiBkirchen to our stud in March. To have access to a judge of this calibre for stud tours is invaluable to studs in Australia! Frank's expertise is so in depth and he is so generous with the way he assists us to make improvements to the breeding of warmbloods here in Australia. To have this opportunity to chat and tap in to all of Frank's knowledge is so powerful to anyone who is wanting to learn more, or to better what they are doing within the industry. Frank shared his insightful knowledge on what is on trend in the breeding industry, warmblood horses for sale and even advice on what stallions to consider adding to our program for our imported frozen semen business. We presented three of our broodmares and two of foals for assessment by Frank on the AABT National tour and for classification for the German Westphalian Verband. Frank was impressed with the quality of both our foals and mares. Both foals were awarded an Elite sash and all 3 mares received Silver. “ You have bred some of the best foals I have seen since coming to Australia. You couldn't get a better start to your breeding program .” - Frank WeiBkerchen Our Foals Receive 1st & 2nd Place We are so proud of the results we received for our two foals. Our filly Saffron PL by Secret (IFS) scored a massive 88% for her movement, with a 8.5 for walk, a 9.0 for trot and a 9.5 for canter with the comment "exceptional movement" from Frank. She received 81% for her conformation with a 9 for her head and an overall 8 for her type. Her combined overall score was 84.5%, winning the Open Horse Halter on the AABT 2020 National Tour. Our colt, Quantreau PL, by Quando Quando (IMP), scored 85.5% for his beautiful movement, with an 8.5 for walk, a 10 for trot and 8.5 for canter, with an 8.5 for overall appearance. He was awarded 79% for his conformation with an 8 for overall type. Frank recommended this colt as a stallion prospect. His combined overall score was 82.25%, just behind our filly, for a second place in the Open Horse Halter on the national tour!

What's in a Stud Name?

For us, just like naming our foals, naming our new stud meant more than being open for business! Our stud name had to be more than just something that our business would be known by . More than just a business that has warmblood horses for sale in Australia. It had to encompass our location, reflect our passion and stand for that which we wish to represent. “ With all that the paperbark tree represents in regards to females and new life, it felt like the perfect stud name to attribute to the place where we house our beautiful mares and their foals. ” Our stud, by way of its original natural environment, boasts a number of very old paperbark trees, including two beautiful thick groves on the property. These groves not only provide a beautiful outlook, but they are wonderful natural environments providing shade and shelter for native plants and wildlife. The Symbolism of Paperbark Trees Paperbark trees are native to Australia and they are particularly important in ancient Aboriginal culture. They were considered a "woman's business" plant and associated with the female form. A much loved and respected resource, it was used both during and after childbirth. The bark is soft and woman would give birth with the baby being born on a sheets of the bark and it was used to swaddle and wrap babies. Bowls were also made from the bark to lay their baby in. The bark was also used in smoking ceremonies to welcome a new baby. These amazing trees also represent protection, safety and security. An environment that we wish to apply to our business of breeding and raising our horses in. #paperbarklodge #paperbarktree #warmbloods

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