Our business is woven with a tapestry of knowledge, passion, dedication and motivation!

Our stud is a joint venture that was the result of a serendipitous meeting and a shared passion!  Andrea was in the process of relocating from Germany to Australia and was introduced to Katrina with the possibility of agisting some of her mares she was bringing out from Germany.  From the moment we met, our shared passion for horses and warmbloods in particular, had us planning, sharing  dreams and pooling resources to launch a breeding program together in Australia.

We are lucky to have access to some of the worlds best stallions and import IFS through our partnership with select stallion stations in Germany directly to Western Australia. We are also importers and suppliers of IFS for those in the market that wish to breed their own superstar!

Andrea brings a wealth of experience and international contacts as a registered and licensed breeder in Germany.  She has been breeding warmbloods for over 20 years in Germany and is keen to continue her breeding success now that she calls Australia home.  She received awards consecutively in 2018 and 2019 from the German Holsteiner Verband for having bred not one but TWO horses to be listed in the Top 10 both years. Her strong contacts within the equine industry in Germany allows us fantastic access to information and developments, as well as a direct line of communication with industry leaders when we are matching pedigrees, etc.  The stud in Germany is still functioning and Andrea continues to manage this as our sister stud

Horses have always featured in Katrina's life, mostly for pleasure but also as part of her family background.  As a child based on a north west cattle station, stock horses were part of the working team, chosen for their temperament, conformation, hardiness and willingness to work. Some years later, with her young daughters competing in eventing and dressage, the first warmblood horses joined the family.  They quickly become an increasing focus as the girls in the family began to concentrate on dressage as their chosen discipline.  Her first two foals received first and second place on the Australian All Breed Tour 2020 in the Open Horse Halter with huge scores from the International FN breed judge and assessor.

Fact is, inventing an innovative business model is often mostly a matter of serendipity. - Gary Hamel