Frequently asked questions

How many straws are there in a single dose of IFS?

The number of straws for a single "dose" can vary from stallion to stallion and is dependent on the individual stallion. The same stallion may even have different numbers of straws to make a dose depending on when that stallion was collected. The number of straws per dose is determined by ensuring there is enough "viable" sperm to provide a reasonable chance of pregnancy in a reproductively sound and well managed mare.

Is my mare suitable for IFS?

We recommend you have your vet carry out a reproductive assessment on your mare if you are considering breeding from her. A number of factors effect a mare's fertility, including age, how many foals (if any) she has had, conformation, etc. In most cases, it is best to choose young, reproductively sound mares when breeding with IFS.

Can I "split" the dose?

The number of straws in a "dose" is based upon rates that provide optimum fertility for the AI process. Splitting the dose can reduce the chance of a pregnancy. Sometimes your vet or AI technician will split the dose for timed insemination over one cycle. If you split the dose in order to get multiple pregnancies, you can drastically reduce your chance of a pregnancy. Pease note that more than one pregnancy per dose will be subject to an additional stallion service fee.

How do I order semen?

You can go to our product page and purchase there or simply email us with the stallion of your choice.

Can I order a stallion that is not listed on your website?

We are more than happy to order semen from stallions that are not listed on our site. Simply get in touch with us and let us know which stallion you would like and we will investigate for you.